Cevinyon est. 2010

Cevinyon was truly born out of a love of cookies and the goal is for you to fall in love with cookies all over again. Cevinyon doesn't offer just delectable cookies, it offers your senses something unique yet familiar. Cevinyon is the only bakery that bakes cookies and hand cuts them into squares to give you the best of both worlds: chewy squares and crunchy edges. At Cevinyon, most spices are ground fresh, American and European sweet cream butters are staples, seasonal fruits, hand picked chocolate to create the perfect blend, and an array of vanilla varieties are used to create a uniquely amazing experience. All of this is done so you will fall in love with cookies all over again and to give you an experience of something unique yet familiar.

Curious about the name and the logo? My husband and I have two boys: Kevin Jr. and Ceyon. I combined their names to create Cevinyon. My oldest, Kevin Jr. wasn't too happy at first...he thought the name should have started with a "K". He lost that battle! The logo? It's a chrysanthemum encased in a square and a circle. The logo represents the circular cookies that are cut into squares. But even more so, the logo reflects the imperfection of a circle and the perfection of the lines of a square. There isn't a cookie, cake, or confection, made by hand that is perfect and that is the intent at Cevinyon: to create the perfectly imperfect and to offer an all around unique yet familiar experience.

About Me

My name is Tenja Young and this is what I know:

I was a late bloomer. I've hated more jobs than I've liked. It's taken me years to discover my love affair with food. I am not a trained pastry chef (although, I wish I were) and aside from a few stints in local DC bakeries, I am self taught.  I am indecisive, not my best quality, but I am consciously working on this. I have failed too many times to count and I have compared myself to others successes far too often. I am perfectly imperfect in every aspect and I am finally getting to (notice I said..."getting to") a point of acceptance. Not only am I perfectly imperfect, but so is every single cookie, cake, pie, or bread that I have ever baked. That is the beauty in us and that is the beauty in creating food by hand.